Pelican Delivers Cannabis

Alberta Marijuana Delivery is your one stop center for marijuana delivery if you live in the Alberta district. This is because you can be sure you will say goodbye to every form of worry, fear and frustration you have when you need deliveries.

How long will it take for my product to be delivered?

The average time it takes for you to receive your order is about one hour. It is possible to get your product in less than an hour and sometimes it can take more than an hour. This is usually dependent on many factors such as

  • Not responding early to messages we send concerning your order
  • Traffic while the delivery is en route to your end
  • Lack of important documents
  • If you are placing your order for the first time
  • Other factors that may arise along the way

The good thing is that we have good Rx dispatcher and they are truthful and reliable. They will inform you of all you need to know without falsifying any information.

Isn’t that wonderful?

Placing your order

This is pretty easy. It only requires 3 steps

Step 1: Go to the website

Step 2: Shop for your products and place your order

Step 3: Track your driver

How to prepare for your marijuana delivery

You must have your ID with you

For confirmation purposes, your driver may need to check your ID. This can be your driver’s license. Some people lose weight or change the color of their hair which can be confusing for the driver. Your driver has the soft copy of your ID but it is essential that there are no mistakes so you will need to provide your ID. The driver needs to be sure the product gets into the right hands. This is essential for you to receive your product.

Keep your phone with you

We have had customers who didn’t pay attention to their phones. The truth is if the driver can ‘t reach you then there is no way to give you updates, verify location, ask other questions and to let you know we have arrived at your destination.

If we try to reach out to you and we do not hear from you, then you will have to pay a re-delivery fee. Make sure your phone is with you at all times and you are familiar with the ringtone (make sure it rings not vibrates).

You need to receive your order by yourself

The one who places is the order is the same person who must receive the order from the driver. This is the rule for placing an order and no one else will be allowed to receive it on your behalf. It doesn’t matter if the person is your next of kin, partner, child, parent, roommate, friend or a significant other. This is to prevent the product getting in to the hands of the wrong people.

Make sure the payment is ready       

If you have not paid when you place your order then make sure the payment is ready. If you want to pay cash, you need to have the accurate amount with you and if you are using your card, make sure you have it with you when the driver comes knocking at your door.

Before the driver gets on his or her way to your end, you will be asked if you will be receiving a balance in any denomination so there will be no hiccups and our drivers will not be at risk by carrying money with them.