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Coil Master - Skynet coils

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Pre-Built Coil Case

Wide Variety of Advanced Coils
     Includes eight different kinds of coils made from high quality wires
Reusable Case
     Use the case to store all kinds of wires and/or accessories


  • Weight: 130g
  • Dimension: 148 x 25mm

Fused Clapton
     NI80, 26AWG*2+39AWG, 3mm, 0.3ohm
     NI80, 23AWG, 3mm, 0.22ohm
Clapton Parallel
     NI80, 26AWG*2+39+26AWG, 3mm, 0.3ohm
Interlock Clapton
     A1+NI80, (26+32AWG)+24AWG, 3mm, 0.3ohm
Fused Clapton(TWIST)
     A1, 28AWG*2+32AWG, 3mm, 0.45ohm
Flat Clapton
     A1, 0.3*0.8MM+32AWG, 3mm, 0.45ohm
     A1, 26AWG+32AWG, 2.8ohm, 0.6ohm
Super Tiger Coil
     NI80+A1, 22AWG+0.4*0.08MM, 3mm, 0.6ohm

Package Contents:

  • Skynet Coil Case
  • 48 x Coils
  • Coil Master Lotto Card
  • Packing: Gift box